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 Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services 
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QA, Safety & Training

The purpose of the Quality Assurance Section is to define and implement the systematic and continuous process for monitoring, assessing, and improving the quality of services provided within the Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services. The objectives for this group are: to ensure the quality of laboratory services provided to the Commonwealth meets or exceeds the highest standards possible; to communicate the goals of the Quality Assessment and Improvement plan to DCLS staff, encourage and stimulate the pursuit of quality by all employees; to enforce the policies that improve quality in the laboratory; to monitor tasks and eliminate potential problems that can lead to error; to provide a safe and growth stimulating work environment; to continually strive to improve the services we provide; to investigate every complaint and problem; and to document efforts to improve services. Representatives from each group within DCLS participate on the QA Committee. This committee meets monthly to discuss continuous monitors for each group and any problems identified. Corrective actions are shared with the committee members so other groups can improve processes.

The purpose of the Safety Section is to monitor all aspects of safety within DCLS. Representatives from each group participate on the Safety Committee. The safety team leaders also sit on this committee. The safety teams are the First Aid Team, Spill Response Team, Building Wardens Team and Safety Inspection Team. This committee meets monthly to discuss activities of the safety teams and safety concerns for DCLS.

The purpose of the Training Section is to provide training for DCLS employees, laboratory personnel across the state, and citizens of the Commonwealth. The QA, Safety, and Training Group manager also serves as the State Training Coordinator and is a representative of the National Laboratory Training Network(NLTN).

Training session

Training session

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