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 Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services 
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Tests Performed By DCLS

DCLS is recognized as one of the most diverse state laboratories in the United States offering a wide range of services. DCLS uses "state of the art technology" to test, diagnose and analyze potentially dangerous substances. The following is an overview of the wide range of services that we offer to clinics, hospitals and other state agencies:

  • Biological and chemical materials are screened for agents of terrorism.
  • Public drinking water supplies and environmental water samples are tested for fluoride, nutrients, inorganic and organic compounds, and bacterial contamination.
  • Human and animal tissues and fluids are examined for the presence of viral, bacterial, fungal pathogens, as well as toxins.
  • Commercial foodstuffs, human, and animal specimens are examined for evidence of organisms that cause foodborne and infectious disease outbreaks.
  • DNA fingerprinting and other molecular assays are performed to identify and characterize infectious disease agents.
  • Blood obtained from infants is screened to identify genetic disorders.
  • Food products, water, soil, tissue, and animal feeds are tested for pesticide contamination, industrial by-products, and chemical pollutants.
  • Commercial foods and produce are tested for filth, contamination, and content.
  • Water, sediment, tissue, air, soil, agricultural products, and other samples are analyzed for the presence of trace and ultra-low levels of metals.
  • Perform radiation monitoring of vegetable matter, soil, food, and water located in and near nuclear power plants.
  • Certify a total of 255 laboratories performing water and milk analyses. Certify 18 laboratories performing tuning fork calibrations.
  • Animal medications, feeds, fertilizer, and limestone are tested against label claims.
  • Animal feeds, medications, and milk are analyzed for antibiotic residue.
  • Motor fuels are tested for performance specifications and octane rating.
  • Tint meters are calibrated for law enforcement agencies.
  • Quality assurance testing is provided for the Virginia State Lottery Department.
  • Commodity contract specifications are developed and validated.
     The NELAC Institute (TNI) Annual Certified Parameter List (ACPL)
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