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The Department of General Services provides easy internet access to the forms necessary to help the Commonwealth service its customers - government agencies, business, and citizens. 

  • Forms Central:   Get all of the forms from all of the department's divisions and bureaus by clicking here.
  • Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services (DCLS):   Request anything from environment testing kits to applications for certification under the Safe Drinking Water (SDWA) and the Virginia Environmental Laboratory Accreditation (VELAP) Programs by clicking here.
  • Division of Engineering and Buildings (DEB):   Access firm data forms, contracts for professional services, list of required special inspections, and more by clicking here.
  • Division of Real Estate Services (DRES):   Access information and forms providing a broad spectrum of real estate services by clicking here.  Please note, presently the forms being used by DRES are from the Bureau of Real Property Management (BRPM), a former bureau of the Department of General Services Division of Engineering & Buildings.
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